Handshake Brand Refresh and Logos 2019

Tawnya -


You can download our latest Handshake logos here and our back to school marketing toolkit can also be found here.

We've been working with a design firm over the last few months to develop a new look for Handshake.  The goal is to reinvigorate the way we talk about and visually represent Handshake to make it more appealing to students, as well as our higher ed and employer partners.  Ultimately, we want to make sure that the look, feel, and tone of our brand reflects our mission! The new look includes some new colors, new fonts and a new tagline. We're incredibly excited about these updates - we've shared information via email over the summer and have been discussing them at our User Meetups as well.  The marketing toolkit above we just launched also includes assets that reflect the new brand + share information on how you can use our new colors! 

We are not asking anyone to change the way they market Handshake overnight - the yellow hand chairs and other Handshake swag you've created remain a really fantastic way to get the word out about our platform.  We hope that, over time, you'll be able to integrate our new colors and updated logo font into your marketing efforts.



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