How do I post a 'not posted' job to a school?

Hilary -

If you created a job without choosing a school to post it to, you can always go back to the job and choose a school, or schools. You will need to be approved by the school prior to posting any jobs, of course. You can learn more on how to request schools here: How to find and request access to schools?

To post a job that has not been posted yet, you can follow these steps:

  • Click Jobs on the left navigation bar

  • Filter on Not Posted jobs
  • Click directly on the title of the job you're interested in adding schools to

  • On the next page, choose Select Target Schools towards the right of the page

  • Add schools by choosing them along the left. You can also find more schools if you're not seeing the school you're looking for. 


  • Click Save Changes in the bottom right, and you're all set! 

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