Managing Applicants on a Job Posting

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Your job posting has been approved at a school, and has started receiving applications. Great! Now what? This article will show you how to manage your applicants for your job postings in Handshake. 

Note: To learn how to specifically manage your students for an interview schedule, read Managing Interview Schedule Applicants

1. Select Jobs from the left hand menu 

Note: You can also select Interviews if your job posting is connected to an interview already

2. Select x applied under Applicants on the job you wish to manage

You will then be taken to the applicants page for that job. You will be able to filter your candidates in a variety of ways, from their applicant status, labels, school, or more. You will also be able to check boxes to exclude students that do not match all or some of your job preferences. Lastly, you can export all your applicant date to .csv file, and you can also download their documents as well.


By selecting the drop down menu under their status, you can set them to 'hired', 'declined', 'reviewed' or reset them back to 'pending'. 


Clicking directly on their name will bring up a snapshot view of their profile, where you can view details about their education, view their email address, and view the documents they submitted in a pdf preview.

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