How to Activate & View Internships Ratings & Reviews

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Activating Internship Ratings & Reviews within Handshake

To learn more about collecting internship reviews at your school contact your account manager!

  • Why collect ratings & reviews data?
    • While sites like Glassdoor are already popular with students, career centers get no insight into this data. Handshake can bridge this gap, and in so doing bring tremendous value to both career centers and students:
  • Student benefits to internship review data:
    • More informed career exploration and decision-making
    • Get advice specific to the companies and roles you’re interested in
    • Gain insight into company culture, mentorship, learning etc. that is often harder to gauge
  • Having access to internship review data will allow career services to:
    • Get comprehensive data on internship and co-op outcomes, enhancing student lifecycle reporting
    • Build relationships with new employers that your students love
    • Enhance your career counseling efforts by referencing tangible stories of student experiences
  • How will this data be presented to students?
    • The pilot is not focused on displaying reviews and ratings back to students yet. We’ve heard good questions about how we will present these reviews back to students, how we will monitor reviews and how we will take employer concerns into consideration, among others. We have some answers to these questions, but not all. We first need to understand the scale, quality and depth of responses we’ll get from students.
    • After we gather reviews in this pilot, we will analyze the student data together with our career services partners before proceeding. No matter what, you will have access to all the data gathered from your school’s students (positive or negative), through our reporting tools in Handshake later this fall.
    • During the pilot, we will not display any negative reviews or any numerical / star ratings (positive or negative) back to students. For now, students will only see positive text reviews from other students (free text stories, not numerical ratings).
    • Importantly, students can participate but still opt-out of sharing this data with other students. If a student does opt-out of sharing with students and employers, that student’s data will only be shared with their career center.
  • What if employers get upset about reviews they consider negative?
    • During the pilot, we will not display any negative reviews or any numerical / star ratings (positive or negative) back to students. For now, students will only see positive text reviews by other students (free text stories, not numerical ratings).
    • Long-term, we are exploring how to balance employer concerns. At minimum, we will introduce some way for other students, career services and employers to flag reviews to our support team for violating our TOS and content guidelines. Beyond that, we are focused mostly on helping more students by providing more transparency and information to them around the job process.
  • Will you allow anonymous reviews?
    • During the pilot, we are not allowing any anonymous reviews like Glassdoor. The survey will take place within Handshake, so we can tie every review to an actual student. This will also help to ensure the validity of the information. If, in the future, an employer complains about a review and questions whether the student even worked at the company in question, we can verify the information directly.
  • Will students be able to see data just at his or her school, or across all Handshake schools?
    • We have not yet finalized how we will present data back to students. We will do so after the pilot data gathering. However, our draft plan today is that students would see reviews from both the students at their school and from students across the Handshake network, so that everyone can get value. Students will be able to see aggregate data for just their school, as well as the reviews of that employer across all of Handshake.
  • If my school doesn’t participate, can my students still see this data from other schools?
    • No. For now, the pilot data will only be accessible to students at schools that are participating in the pilot.
  • Can students choose to just share this data with their career center, and not other students and employers?
    • Yes, each student will be able to opt-out of sharing the data with students and employers. If they choose to opt-out, only Handshake and the student’s career center will see their responses.

Viewing your Ratings & Reviews Data

Once your school has activated the internships ratings and reviews survey, you will be able to view the results through Insights. In order to see this data, ensure that you have the "Explore Insights" security role. Contact your team's Handshake power user in order to get access if you do not. 

Through Explore Insights, you will now see an additional explore called Job Reviews:

You can create your own custom reports of your job ratings and reviews, or you can use the common reports we've created for you below! Simply click the link below while you are logged into Handshake in another window and this report will begin running:

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