How to Get Support Tickets Resolved ASAP

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Handshake’s Support Team is dedicated to answering your questions quickly and effectively, so 
we’ll use this article to highlight a few great pointers that you can use to help:

  • Blow us away with your ticket-submitting abilities (yes, we have been known to brag to each other about the awesome tickets we receive)
  • Get you the answers you need (ASAP!), without all of the extra back and forth!

Tell us your story

Handshake is a comprehensive product and the Support Team works with a wide range of users! Everyone uses Handshake in a slightly different way, and we want to understand each of those workflows. However, the Support Team can’t always understand what you’re trying to do at first glance. Sharing a bit of context about your ultimate goals (and where you’re running into issues!) can really help us understand your perspective, and figure out how we can help.

A few questions that help frame your story:

  • Who am I working with?
  • Which part of the product am I on?
  • Which error messages am I seeing?
  • What am I ultimately trying to do?
  • Why?

Please Note: providing a relevant and concise subject for your ticket will help get your issue resolved more quickly by helping us triage your request.

Share the juicy details!

We’ve found that specific, descriptive information can help our support and development teams resolve your questions in half the time (and with much less back and forth) if you include items like:

  1. The title and URL from the page you are on in Handshake (Event, Job, Interview Schedule, User Profile, etc)
  2. Email addresses of all users that are impacted by the issue
  3. Screenshots of the page or error message
  4. A description of what you expected to see vs. what you are actually seeing
  5. Steps you’ve already taken to troubleshoot!
  6. What browser are you using? (Pro tip: try Chrome or Firefox if possible, they tend to be the most friendly)


Examples! Let's start with an awesome one:

Check out the example below - based on the context, details, and links submitted in this ticket, our team is able to quickly understand what you’re trying to do, who is affected, and the pages you’re on.

From these details, we will most likely be able to either solve this issue, or identify this as a bug, within just one touch! If we don't quite have everything we need from this, we'll be able to respond with some super specific questions so we can be sure to be on the same page with the next response.

Subject: Students cannot register for events on campus.

Description: Students are showing as not qualified for events on campus. When they go to an event page, they see a message saying that they are “Not Qualified” and are not given the option to register. This is happening for a few events, but below is a specific example. We want all of our seniors to have the option to register for this event!

Event: “Andover Finance Opportunities Information Session” (link to event:

Students experiencing the issue:,,

Attachments: For bonus points, attach screenshot! There's no better way for us to see what you're seeing than for us to actually see it!


The ticket above goes into our wall of fame, and helps us get you up and running ASAP!


Example two - slightly less awesome...

Subject: Students cannot register for events on campus.

Description: Students are showing as not qualified for events on campus. Students need to be able to register for the event but they are not given the option.

Attachments: None.


We'd love to help here, but first we'll have to follow up with some clarifying questions to understand what is happening. Of course, we're in it for the long run and will make sure this question gets an answer, but we'd love to get these details out of the way and dive right into the situation.

In this case, we won't be able to start looking for an answer, instead, we will have to start by asking questions like:

  • Which students cannot register for events?
  • Could you provide some examples?
  • Is there a specific event you're having trouble with?
  • Would you like all students to be able to see this event?


This will take extra time and effort on your part in building the responses, and then more time for us to dive in and circle back. Use the format for the "awesome example" above to prevent any delays!

Ultimately, we are dedicated to answering your questions as efficiently as possible - we just need a little bit of your help! Tell us your story & share the details - then the Support Team will take it from there!

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