Work Authorization Updates - December 2017

Shannon Hittson -

Today we calculate work authorization status based on Visa status. Some students may not have this value populated for a number of reasons but this becomes a larger problem as employers end up interviewing many students who they cannot hire, and students waste their time applying to jobs they cannot get.

In order to solve this problem, we will prompt students to tell us if they need sponsorship instead of relying on visa data. When the student applies to their first job in Handshake, they will be required to answer two questions before submitting the job application:

  • Are you legally authorized to work in the United States?
  • Do you now or will you in the future require visa sponsorship?

The answers to questions will determine whether or not a student is fully qualified for the job based on the preferences set by the employer.

This information will be stored on the student's profile so that the student is not prompted after they've answered the questions. If the student fills out the information on their profile prior to applying, we will not prompt them to answer these questions at all during the application process. The answers to questions will drive whether or 

We will continue to store work authorization status on the student profile if you choose to include this information in your student sync or if the student completes this field on his or her profile. Work authorization information can still be used in reporting but  will no longer be included in determining how a student does or does not qualify for a job. 


Why are we making this change? 

  • We believe this will be a better experience for students so they are not spending time applying and interviewing for a job they cannot get.
  • We believe this will be a better experience for employers to reduce the amount of time they are spending interviewing and reviewing candidates they cannot hire.
  • Employers can gather more information about a student without requiring the student to disclose their work authorization status.

How does this affect me if my school syncs in work authorization status?

  • You can still sync work authorization status into Handshake and this is valuable for reporting, however this value will not longer be used in calculations to determine student qualifications.

Can a student edit these fields after they've submitted them the first time?

  • Yes, a student can edit these fields on their profile at any point. 


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