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If you have received emails that students have applied to one of your postings, however they do not appear on the applicants page, you may want to double check the schools on your Core School List. You can locate your list of core schools (the schools you're currently connected to) by clicking on Schools in the left hand navigation bar. 

If an applicant has applied from a school that is not on this Core Schools list, they may have been removed as some point. No worries! You can easily add back any schools you have previously connected with by clicking on the Add School tab towards the right hand corner. 

For example: We originally posted a job to Clark University, and a student from Clark applied. However, at some point we removed that school from our Core Schools list. Now we can no longer see that applicant when viewing applications for that posting. To see the applicant, we would add Clark University back to our Core Schools list. 

You can also easily switch between viewing data for just your schools on your Core Schools List, or seeing data across all schools you are approved at by following the steps here: How to Toggle Between Seeing Your Schools and All Schools Approved At Your Company

The functionally behind this comes from the Choose Your Schools feature, which affects the way you and your co-workers may see jobs and applicants. You can read more in depth about this here: What is the Choose Your Schools Feature?

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