Applicant Tracking Systems

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Employers have the ability to add their specific ATS link or website, or additional instructions into a job posting when creating their job. On the Basics Tab, you will have the following options: 

  • To provide Additional Application Instructions

  • Require students to apply through an external website or applicant tracking system
    • If you select "yes" for this option, you'll be able to input a url for them to apply through. 
    • Note, they will still apply through Handshake first, providing the documents you select in the required document section. 

If you have provided an external ATS or website for students to apply to, they will click on "Apply On Web" from your job posting. 

They will still need to add the desired documents you requested on Handshake, however they will then need to select Apply on Web to continue their applications process. 

If you choose to not require and documents via Handshake, the applicants will see following message: 

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