How do I approve or decline an employer?

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To approve or decline an employer who has requested approval at your school, follow these steps:

  • Determine which employers are requesting approval (employers with a status of pending have requested, but not yet received, approval from your school).  The simplest way to do this is:
    • Locate Employers on the left hand navigation bar.  (Note: The number to the right of Employers indicates the number of employers with pending status.)  


  • Click on Employers on the left hand navigation bar.  You will be directed to Your Employers list.  
  • Using the Status drop down filter located at the top, select pending.  A list of employers awaiting approval will appear; or

Alternatively, you can:

  • Click on your school’s name in the left hand navigation bar to be taken to your school’s profile page.
  • The right side of your homepage highlights items needing your attention.  
  • Scroll down to find Employer Approvals and how many employers are waiting for approval.  Click on the link next to the number to be directed to a list of employers with pending status.


  • Once you’ve used one of these methods to determine which employers are awaiting approval from your school, you’re ready to determine whether or not to grant approval to each school.  Handshake displays a couple of pieces of information to help you make this decision:  “Approvals” (which indicates how many schools have approved this employer to date) and “Trust Score”.  To learn more about what the Handshake Trust Score is, read this article. If you’d like to contact the employer directly to discuss their approval request, go to the employer’s profile and locate the Contact Information section on the left side.


  • To approve or decline more than one employer at a time:
    • Check the checkbox to the left of all of the employers you would like to approve.
    • Click on the Bulk Actions on All Results button located in the upper right corner of the page.  
    • Select Approve Employers.  After making your selection, a confirmation dialog box will appear requesting to confirm your task.  After confirming, refresh your screen to view the remaining list of pending employers.  Those that were approved have been removed from this list.
    • Repeat the previous three steps for all employers you’d like to decline (this time checking the checkbox to the left of all employers you’d like to decline, and selecting Decline Employers on the Bulk Actions on All Results drop down menu).


  • To approve or decline employers individually:
    • Click on the employer name from the list.  
    • Select the appropriate status and click on Save Approved/Save Declined at the bottom.

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