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*Please note: This feature needs to be turned on in the School Settings. If you do not see this option, please contact Handshake Support.
Configuring your mentor settings is the first step in setting up mentorship at your institution. There are three sections to configure mentorship in Handshake.
  1. Details 

  2. Mentorship Preferences 

  3. Mentor Expertise

​You will need to start by navigating to the school settings page. For instructions on this step see this article: School Settings


  1. Click Details on the school settings page
  2. Scroll down until you see the following options
  3. If you would like to ask mentors registering for an account additional questions you can attach a Mentor Survey
  4. If you would like mentors to have the ability to decline and approve mentorships on their own you can check the Mentors manage mentorships box
  5. Once these two options of the details section are filled out you can move on to the Mentorship Preferences section

Mentorship Preferences

  1. Click Mentorship Preferences
  2. The first option here is to allow mentors to search for students. If you would like to give mentors the ability to search for students who have marked their profiles public, check Allow student search.

    • Note: Only students who have made their profile public will be visible to mentors if this option is chosen

  3. If you have a particular group of students that is eligible for mentorships or one that is not you can set a permission on requesting mentorships and then display a permission denied message to the students that are not included in that group

    • Option 1: Create a label for the students that you would like to be eligible for mentorships, for example mentorship ready, make sure this is applied to students who can request mentors at your institution.
    • Option 2: You can also set a label students must not have, for example if you would like students labeled on study abroad to lose the ability to request mentorships you can set that students must not be labeled on study abroad to request mentorships. Students with the on study abroad label will see the permission denied message and all other students will have the ability to request mentorship.
    • If you would like to learn more about labels read this article: How to add/edit labels. We recommend setting up system labels for configuration options so they are updated with the automatic student syncs.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the mentorship preferences you can move on to the last setup step, Mentor Expertise.

Mentor Expertise

  1. Click Mentor Expertise

  2. The mentor expertise options are specific to your university and mentors will have to choose one when creating a mentor profile
  3. To add a new Expertise that mentors can choose from type in the name and click Add

Once you have entered mentorship details, added mentorship preferences and added mentorship expertise you are ready to create mentor profiles or have mentors register for accounts in Handshake!

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