Understanding Job and Applicant Preferences

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This article will talk through setting job preferences and how that affects your applicant pool. To learn how to post a job, see this article.

To learn how to access your applicants, view this article. 

When you post a job to a school you have the ability to define preferences so your applicant pools represent the candidates you are interested in. When you are reviewing applicants you will be able to easily see which candidates fully match your preferences and which do not. 

The Four Preference Options:

  • US Work Authorization: If the candidate is authorized or not 
  • Student Graduation Date Range OR School Year
    • Please note: if you add a preference for both Graduation Date Range AND School Year and filter to exclude students that do not match "school year or graduation date", this will exclude students who do not meet BOTH preferences selected. 
  • Student Minimum GPA
  • Student Majors 
  • To view these on your Applicants page, simply hover over each of the four icons under the Preferences column.

  • A green check mark will symbolize that the applicant matches that preference. 
  • A red "x" will symbolize that the applicant does not match that specific preference. 
  • Seeing neither ("No minimum preference set for ___") will mean that you did not set any specific preference in your job posting for that section. 


You can edit your preferences on a job posting at any time by following the steps here: How to Edit a Job Posting



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