Understanding Job Preferences

Rob Midson -

This article will talk through setting job preferences and how that affects your applicant pool. To learn how to post a job, see this article.

When you post a job to a school you have the ability to define preferences so your applicant pools represent the candidates you are interested in. When you are reviewing applicants you will see two groups of candidates: Fully Qualified and Not Fully Qualified

There are 4 potential options that move an applicant from Fully Qualified to Not Fully Qualified:

  1. For jobs located in the United States: Eligibility for international students (non-US citizens or permanent residents)
  2. Student Graduation Date Range OR School Year
  3. Student Minimum GPA
  4. Student Majors

Students who meet all of the preferences above will appear in your Fully Qualified Applicants pool. Students outside of the preferences you set above will appear in your Not Fully Qualified applicant pool. If you'd like to review them together, check out the All Applicants pool.





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