What is the waiting room?

Joe Wyzgoski -

The waiting room is a way to keep track of the students that check in for drop in and scheduled appointments. When a student checks in for an appointment they will be added to the waiting room in the order that they check in, separated by scheduled and drop in appointments. To start an appointment with a student in the waiting room click Start Appointment. To cancel a drop in appointment with a student in the waiting room click Cancel Drop-in.

Handshake recommends that you keep the waiting room open in a separate tab when you are taking drop in appointments. If you have a place to have the waiting room visible in the lobby of the career center, it is a great way to let students know where they are in line for appointments.

To open the waiting room: 

  1. Click Appointments on the left navigation bar
  2. Click Waiting Room from the tabs at the top of the screen

  3. Example of the waiting room:

Learn more about drop in appointments by watching this video: 2 Minute Training - Drop In Appointments

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