Download Standard NACE Undergrad or MBA CSEA Report Data From Your FDS

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If you would like to download all of the data for your First Destination Survey you can follow these instructions. 

  1. Click First Destination on the left side of the screen 
  2. Choose the survey you are interested in downloading data from 
  3. Click the Students & Stats tab
  4. Click the Download Report button on the right



  1. The download will be built and you can click on the link to download it or retrieve the file from your email

The following fields are included in the data export as well as any additional questions that you have included in your survey: 


  • Id
  • Name
  • Student Email
  • Primary Major
  • Secondary Majors
  • Education Level
  • Response Status
  • Response Date
  • Outcome
  • Employer Name
  • Employer Industry
  • Employment Category
  • Employment Type
  • Job Function
  • Job Position
  • Found through Handshake
  • Employed During Education
  • Continuing Education School
  • Continuing Education Level
  • Continuing Education Major
  • Is Fellowship?
  • Fellowship Name
  • Military Branch
  • Military Rank
  • Specialization
  • Still Looking Option
  • Not Seeking Option
  • Location
  • Offer Date
  • Accept Date
  • Start Date
  • Salary
  • Pay Schedule
  • Bonus Amount
  • Other Compensation
  • Authorized to work in US?
  • Submitted By
  • Knowledge Response?
  • Knowledge Source


Please see attached below examples of both the standard NACE undergrad report and MBA CSEA report for reference. 

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