How to Convert Dates and Times in Handshake Reports

Rob Midson -

Would you like to convert the dates in a report that you have downloaded in Handshake? All dates that are pulled from Handshake are in UTC time which is Coordinated Universal Time.

Excel formulas for converting this date(ST = Standard Time / DT = Daylight Savings):


EST =CellName - (5/24)

EDT =CellName - (4/24)

CST =CellName - (6/24)

CDT =CellName - (5/24)

PST =CellName - (8/24)

PDT =CellName - (7/24)

MST =CellName - (7/24)

MDT =CellName - (6/24)


Format cells in Date / Time format of your choice:

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