About Actions in an Interview Schedule

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This article will discuss the different actions associated with an interview schedule.

If you would like to post an interview schedule please read 
How do post an interview schedule for an employer? 
If you would like to edit an interview schedule please read 
How do I edit an interview schedule? 

There are many actions associated with an interview and to view these you will need to:

  • Click Interviews on the left hand navigation bar.
  • Click the name of the interview schedule you would like to open
  • This will open the details page of the interview and you can see the Actions on the left side of the screen


  • Add Another Date: If you choose to add a date to an interview schedule, you will need to add slots to that date.

  • View & Add Notes: You might want to note changes that take place with the schedule so you can review them when creating another.

  • Duplicate this Interview Schedule: If you would like to use this same schedule for another interview then you can open the schedule and duplicate it. You will need to update the dates of the interview.

  • Build Interview Packet: Download all of the details your employers will need about the interview. This includes the timeline of the interview and all of the slot details that are visible on this page.

  • Build Interview Schedule Slots: Build the slots based on the template assigned to the interview.

  • Open Check-in Kiosk: Lets students check in for the interview schedule. You can have the check in kiosk open on a tablet or computer at the check in area of the interview. Please note: if you are part of a consortia within Handshake, you will need to open a checkin kiosk for each interview schedule individually.

  • Pin Item: Show students this interview as an announcement on their home page.

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