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Are you an Employer user of Handshake? If so, check out this article: How Can I Increase My Trust Score?

The Handshake Trust Score is a rating assigned to employers to help career service teams differentiate between legitimate and potentially fraudulent employers. Handshake automatically calculates a Trust Score for each employer on the platform based on a number of factors including:

  • Whether or not the employer has been flagged as fraudulent by schools.

  • The employer’s activity level on the platform.

  • Approvals and Declinations at various schools.

  • How long the employer has been on the platform.

  • Profile completeness.

  • Whether or not the employer has a valid web address.

  • Whether or not the employees associated with the company on Handshake have an email address that matches the company domain name.  

To see the trust score of the employers approved at your school, use the Trust Score tier filter on the employer list page!


  • You will see N/A when an employer does not have enough activity in Handshake for us to calculate a trust score

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