How to Find Employers Not Currently Approved at Your School

Hilary Dudek -

Not only can employers search and request to connect with a University, but Handshake also allows universities to search for and connect with employers who have already registered on Handshake. When universities connect with employers this way, the employer will not be notified when they are approved.

  1. Start by selecting the Employers tab on the left side navigation bar.  You will be then directed to a list of employers you have connected with on Handshake.
  2. Click on the Find Employers tab at the top right of the page.
    1. Note: You can also click the Find Employer button, located next to the Saved Search button.
  3. This method provides a list in alphabetical order of all employers on Handshake, indicates whether or not the company is public or private and if your university has connected with them yet.
  4. You can search for the name of the employer, as well as using a variety of different criteria such as location, size and type of industry. Search for the employer you would like to connect with and click on their name to continue.
  5. Once you search their name, you are able to view and add notes, pin items, contact staff members that are on Handshake, and more.


To approve this employer, scroll down until you see the box below. Click Approve this Employer to continue.

From here you can choose what roles to assign the employer, see their trust score and their relationships with other universities on Handshake, and assign them to a particular staff member. Once you have chosen the employer’s desired roles, you can click the Save Approved, or you can click the Save Approved & View Next to view another employer you have not yet connected with.

Please remember: The employer will not be notified when you approve them.

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