How to Check if a Job is Posted Correctly

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This article will walk you through the steps of checking to see if your job is posted to the correct schools, and if it is approved or pending approval. If you would like to post a job to a school then please view the article How do I post a job?
There are two ways to check on the status of your job postings:
1. The first way is to Click Jobs on the left hand navigation bar and view your Active job postings. 


  • Look at the schools your positions are posted to.
    • For example: In the image above the Account Manager job is posted to Miller University and has been approved.

2. The second way to verify that your job is posted correctly is to Click Jobs on the left hand navigation bar once again, viewing the Active jobs and this time

  • Click on a job title to view the details about the position
    • You will see the schools that the job has been posted to and their status.

  • If you have a question about your job posting at a particular university you can click on the name of the school to leave a comment for the career center in the box that says Add a commentThis will go directly to career services. 

3. If you cannot find your job posting, and you are certain that you created one, Click Jobs in the left hand navigation bar once again, and this time filter on Not Posted. If your job is here, this means you have not yet chosen any schools to post the job to, either because you're not yet approved by any schools, or because you simply didn't choose any when you created the posting. 

To learn how to post an already created job to schools, please read this article

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