What is a "pending" status at my company?

Rob Midson -

To be in “pending” status means that you have taken steps to connect to your company on handshake, (created an account, confirmed your email address, and connected to your company and to one or more schools where you would like to engage with students), but you have not yet been approved to do so. As long as you are in Pending status, you will be unable to post jobs or register for events or career fairs on behalf of your company.  You’ll also be unable to search for or connect with students.

 If you have not been approved by your company, it’s likely due to one of the following:  

  1. Your company domain name is different than your email address so you were not eligible for auto-approval by your company.  Someone at your company will now have to manually approve your connection.

  2. Your company has multiple accounts with the same domain name.

  3. Your company is not set up for auto-approval and you have not yet been manually approved.

While each employer has its own policy regarding approval timeframes, typically it takes companies 1-2 business days to approve an account.  If you have an immediate need  to obtain approval and your company has not yet approved your account, you may contact another user at your company who has permission to approve you or the career services admin at the school(s) you connected with, to request expedited approval. Please note that for our customers’ security, Handshake is not able to approve employer approval requests.

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