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If you're interested in registering on Handshake on behalf of your supervisor, manager, or anyone else that you represent, this article is for you! Handshake works a little differently than previous systems, so we wanted to take a moment to walk through the process of registering on behalf of someone. 

Create an Account For Yourself

Handshake is designed for you to have your own account so it's important that you register with your first and last name as well as your email address. Do not worry - you will still be able to make sure the individual you represent gets all the required information. It's important that you create your own account with your own email address, otherwise you will be unable to confirm your account and continue through the registration process.

Creating an Account

To create an account in Handshake visit to create an account. Again, use your own name, username, and password. We will walk through how to send application packages, interview schedules, career fair registrations, and more to your contact next. Check out our article How to create a user account for more detailed instructions. 


Connecting with an Employer

In Handshake, corporate entities share a single presence on the system. This means that even geographically separated recruiters who manage different schools will share the same account. Don't worry - Handshake is designed to make this process seamless and easy for all involved. 

During the registration process, Handshake will guide you through getting connected to an employer account that already exists. If an employer hasn't already been created Handshake will prompt you to create one. Read How do I create a new company profile? for more details!


Using Contacts in Handshake

Contacts in Handshake are how you represent the person you'd like to receive key information from Handshake. Examples where contacts can be used would be in job applications for the positions you post, or information on a career fair that you're registering for. All this can be accomplished through contacts, which you can find in the company settings section of Handshake, or by clicking on Contacts in the left hand navigation bar and then, Add Contact


As an example, let's say you'd like to have job applications sent to your supervisor. When posting a job you'll see a field entitled Applicant Packages contact. Here you can select your contacts from a drop down.

Not seeing anyone there? You can easily create a contact by clicking "ADD NEW CONTACT" under the dropdown. Here you enter the information for the supervisor that you'd like to receive this information.


You can use this same strategy to add a contact for an interview schedule so that an interview gets a packet with all the applications and schedule for a Handshake interview. You can also use it on career fair registrations so that attendees get information, and much more. Contacts in Handshake are designed to make the management process easy on your end. 

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