How do I create and track an Experience (a credit bearing internship)?

Rob Midson -

An experience in Handshake is a way to submit a credit bearing internship for approval. Once you submit an experience you can manage it through Handshake and create learning objectives to track your progress. Experiences can also be used to track outcome information if your school is collecting your offer history.

  1. Click Experiences on the left navigation bar
  2. Click Report an Experience
  3. Fill out the Experience form with all of the details of your position
  4. Fill out the Term and Employer information for your experience, then select Create Experience  at the bottom of the page
  5. This will take you to the Overview page of the experience where you can:
    1. View the details of your experience
    2. Review your supervisor information and communicate with the career center in the Comments and Activity section
    3. Add Learning Objectives to measure the effectiveness of your experience and collaborate with your supervisor(s) / faculty advisor(s) on your goals
    4. View or add attachments to the experience under the Attachments section on the left side of the screen
  6. Make sure to check in on the Details and Activity section to see if your experience has been approved
  7. Once your experience has been approved you can stay connected to the career center by communicating in the comments section and view evaluation from the advisors involved


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