About Work Authorization Mapping

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The article will break down the work authorization qualifications in Handshake. 

For Employers the following work authorization questions will display.

  1. Is this position located in the United States?
    • If the employer answers checks this box they will be asked two additional questions, if the employer leaves the box unchecked we will skip the rest of the questions and show all students the position.
  2. ​Will your organization hire OPT and/or CPT eligible international students for this position?  
    • Employers can check this box or leave it unchecked
  3. ​Are you willing to sponsor selected candidates for work authorization?
    • Employers can check this box or leave it unchecked

Yes = The student meets work authorization qualifications
No = The student does not meet work authorization qualifications and message they see

Students will see the following questions on their account if they have no work authorization set:


  1. Are you studying in the U.S. as an international student OR do you require sponsorship to work in the United States?  They will be able to check this for yes or leave it blank to indicate no.
    • If they do not check this the student can see all jobs
  2. OPT/CPT eligible?
    • Students will only see this question if they answered yes to the first question or if their work authorization is set to Employment (H-1) Via, L1 Visa, Work Car, Student (F-1) Visa or J-1 Visa (Exchange Program).


Examples of Questions in the student account:

If a student has a work authorization added to their account they will see the following OPT/CPT eligible question

If a student has no work authorization added to their profile they will see the following two questions


Examples of employer qualification selections

Check Located in the US Only

Check Located in the US and Hiring OPT/CPT eligible students

Check located in the US and Willing to Sponsor Candidates

Check all three

Check None

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