Managing Mentors

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Mentors in Handshake are a great way to connect students with experts in their career path or area of study.

First you will need to set up mentorship preferences on your campus, view this article for more information: Mentorship Settings

To see how mentors can create a profile at your university view this article: How to setup a mentor profile.

To browse the mentors that you have in the system follow the instructions below:

  1. Click Mentors on the left navigation bar, this will bring up the list of all mentors at your institution

    • Narrow down your search using the filters on the left navigation bar
    • Tip: Use the Expertise field to set institution specific mentorship expertise in the school settings
  2. Save a search of the mentors you work with often to make the search process easier. Check out this article for more information: Save a search
  3. Download the list of mentors below using the quick download button at the top of the page

  4. Bulk Actions on All Results:

    • Add and remove labels from mentors

      • Tip: Label alumni mentors at your institution!

    • Send an email to mentors in the system

  5. Use the Default button to sort the list of mentors by name, relevancy or major

To add a new mentor in Handshake:

  1. Click New Mentor
    • ​​Tip: If you are creating the new mentor profile you can decide if you would like it to be active immediately.
  2. Other: To provide extra security you can provide this mentor with a passcode they need to enter when accepting the invitation to create an account
  3. Next is the Mentor Information section
    • Note: The mentor can also edit these details once they claim their account.
    1. Hobbies: Displayed on the mentor's profile to make it more personal.
    2. Expertise: Entered in the schools settings, Mentorship Preferences.
    3. Advice: Displayed on the mentor's profile to give students more information about the mentors interests and strengths.
    4. Industry: Used when students are searching for mentors.
    5. Maximum mentees: If you have a limit that you would like to set for number of mentees mentors can have you can set that here. Mentors will always have the ability to edit this option based on their preferences.
    6. Student contact preference: This mentor can specify whether or not students can request mentorships with them. They might be too busy to review mentorships requests at this time so they can set it to Not allowed and when they are ready to begin accepting mentorships again set it to Allowed
  4. Next is the Extra Questions section
  5. Extra questions are also added in the school settings: View this article [School settings]

 A completed mentor profile:

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