How do I edit an interview schedule?

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Has an employer requested an interview on campus that you would like to edit? This article will walk you through the steps to edit an interview schedule.


  1. To edit the slots of the interview:
  • Click Interviews on the left hand navigation bar.
  • Select an interview schedule by clicking on the name of the schedule
  • You can edit individual slots by clicking on the time of the slot OR you can edit multiple slots by checking the slots you want to edit and clicking Bulk Edit Slots
    • Note: To remove all of the slots click Bulk Remove Slots
  • You will be taken to the editing page where you can make the following changes:
    • Job: Require certain jobs on particular slots 
    • Room: Assign a certain room to each slot
    • Interviewer: Assign an interviewer to each slot
    • Availability: Change the availability of the slot, unavailable means that students cannot select a slot during that time
    • Set Start Time: Change the start time of the interview
    • Set End Time: Change the end time of the interview
    • Shift Slot Time: You can add or subtract a set amount of time from each slot
  1. To edit the interview details you can follow these steps:


Would you like to print the interview details for the employer or browse the applicants for an interview? Read Actions in an interview schedule.

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