How to Find and Request Access to a School

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Ready to connect with a school and its students? Awesome! Before you can connect, you’ll first need to get approval from the school, which you can do by following these steps:

  • From any page in Handshake, click on Schools located on the left hand navigation bar.
    • This will immediately brings up your Favorite schools overview screen. Any schools that have already approved your company in Handshake can be found on the Your Employer's Schools page. You can add these schools to your Favorites list by following the steps found here: How to Add a School to your Favorite Schools List
  • If the school is not yet on Your Employer's Schools list, click on More Schools on Handshake located towards the top of the page. This will display all Schools available on Handshake that have not yet approved your Company on Handshake. 

  • To find the your School of choice:
    • Scroll through the list, OR
    • Type the name of the school in the search bar, OR
    • Use the filters on the left to narrow the list of schools shown.
  • When you locate your school of choice, click on Request next to the school. 
    • You will be notified of your selection and asked if you'd like the school to be automatically added to your Favorites list when they approve your request. Uncheck this box if you would not like for this to happen.
    • Click on Cancel to cancel your request or the green Request button to submit your approval request to this school.  
    • Once your Request has been submitted, your status with this school will change to Pending, unless the school has auto-approval enabled. In this case, you would be automatically approved at this school.

Important Note:  Each school has its own policy about how quickly it processes employer approval requests and Handshake is unable to accelerate approvals on a school’s behalf. Typical wait time can be anywhere between 1-5 days. If you require expedited approval, or if you’re concerned about the status of your request, you may want to contact the school directly to discuss. To do so, click on the school’s name from the school overview page to be taken to the school’s profile page. You can also search for a school using the blue search bar located at the very top of the page. Once you're on the schools' profile page, you’ll see a contact box where you can enter a note that will go to the school’s career services team.  The Career Center's direct contact information can also be located on this page. 

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