Events: Creating an Event

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If you are interested in creating an event in Handshake you can follow these instructions: 

  1. Click Events on the left hand navigation bar
  2. You will see all events coming up on campus from the main events page
    1. Tip: Use the filters on the left side of the screen to narrow down your search and find events that are relevant to you
    2. Tip use the Include Past Events and Include Declined Events to see these in your search
  4. Click New Event from the tabs at the top of the screen
  5. Enter in the details for the event coming up on campus
  6. Career Center: If you have multiple career centers on campus you will want to include the career center this event if for.
  7. Status
    1. Pending: This event will not be visible to students yet. If you add an employer it will be visible to the employer.
    2. Approved: This event will be visible to students but they will not be able to register until the Student Registration Start Date (if you have included one).
  8. Invite Only: This event will only be visible to students that you invite. The invitation for the event is sent to the students as an email.
  9. Start Date: This is the start date and time of the event
  10. End Date: This is the end date and time of the event
  11. Image: For dimensions see this article: Image Dimensions
  12. Description: Where you can highlight details about the event
  13. Room: The room on campus that the event will be held in. This field can be left blank for virtual events.
  14. Location: This will be pre filled if the room information is filled out in the school settings. This field can be left blank for virtual events.
  15. Contact: The contact that should be linked to the event, this can be a user in Handshake or a contact that you add manually on this page.
  16. Student Registration Start: This field is optional and is when students can start registering for your event.
    1. If you do not include a student registration start date or the student registration start date has passed the students will see this option:
    2. If you specify a student registration start date that is in the future students will see the following message
  17. Student Registration End: When the cut off date for student registrations is.
  18. Student Limit: The number of students who are allowed to attend your event. If you designate a limit and the capacity is met, students will have an option to join the waitlist. 
  19. Student Cost: The cost of your event on campus.
  20. External Registration Link: If you are tracking registrations outside of Handshake then you can include an external registration link. Keep in mind that registrations will no longer be tracked in Handshake if you include the external registration link.
  21. Attendee Survey: When a student registers for an event they will see the Attendee Survey as part of the registration process.How do I create a survey?
    1. Example:
  22. Student Welcome Message: When a student registers for an event they will see the student welcome message in their email
  23. Name Tag Printing: More Information Here 
  24. Conversion Tracking: More Information Here 


Please Note: If you register a student from the waitlist, the student will receive a confirmation email alerting them of the registration. Refer to Waitlists for Fairs & Events for more information.

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