Student Sync: Preferred Name

Tawnya -

The preferred_name field is intended to be used if the student goes by a name that differs from their given first name.

It is strongly advised to not sync in the user's full name in the preferred_name field, as this will create a very undesired effect on the user's profile.


Example 1: 

Student's full name = Christina Thompson

preferred_name = Tina

Profile will display: Tina Thompson


Example 2:

Student's full name = Christina Thompson

preferred_name = Thompson, Tina

Profile will display: Thompson, Tina Thompson



If you have accidentally processed a file using the student's full name in the preferred_name field, this can be corrected by either:

  • Updating the preferred_name to read only their first name or nickname
  • Inserting "**CLEAR**" (in preferred_name field) for each student that you would like to clear this setting for


If you are uploading a needed correction through the importer or AWS s3, please remember to contact us here and we'll get that corrected for you immediately. 


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