Student Sync: Primary Education Start/End Dates and Currently Attending

Tawnya -

Education start and end dates do *not* automatically adjust the currently attending field, and conflicts can cause a user's record to fail to sync.


primary_education:start_date, primary_education:end_date, and primary_education:currently attending:

  • Not required fields
  • One can exist without the other
  • Must not conflict with each other


Some examples of conflicts that will cause a record to fail:

  • primary_education:start_date is after the primary_education:end_date
  • primary_education:end_date has expired (student has graduated) but primary_education:currently_attending is being passed as TRUE
    • primary_education:currently_attending set to TRUE
    • primary_education:end_date set to 2015-05-01


Please note that if a student has adjusted data in their profile (that is not being passed in the student sync) that conflicts with a piece of the student sync, this will cause the record to fail.



  • School is syncing in only the end date
  • The student has adjusted their profile to have a start date after that said end date


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