Importer: Primary Education Start/End Dates and Currently Attending for Students

Tawnya -

Education start and end dates do *not* automatically adjust the currently attending field, and conflicts can cause a user's record to fail to sync.


primary_education:start_date, primary_education:end_date, and primary_education:currently attending:

  • Not required fields
  • One can exist without the other
  • Must not conflict with each other


Some examples of conflicts that will cause a record to fail:

  • primary_education:start_date is after the primary_education:end_date
  • primary_education:end_date has expired (student has graduated) but primary_education:currently_attending is being passed as TRUE
    • primary_education:currently_attending set to TRUE
    • primary_education:end_date set to 2015-05-01


Please note that if a student has adjusted data in their profile (that is not being passed in the student sync) that conflicts with the data contained in your student sync file, this will cause the record to fail.


  • School is only uploading primary_education:end_date
  • The student has adjusted their profile to have a start date after the end date included in your student upload


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