About the Choose Your Schools Feature

Molly Johnson -

The Choose Your Schools Feature allows each recruiter to customize the schools they see information for on Handshake.

Right now, each recruiter sees jobs, student applications, events, and interview schedules for every school their company is connected to on Handshake.

  • For some recruiters, this is great! It expands the number of schools they can recruit at, and opens up new recruiting opportunities
  • For other recruiters who are only responsible for recruiting at 2 schools, seeing information for 50 schools can be very overwhelming

This feature was built to help the second group of recruiters. It simply allows them to add and remove the schools they want to see information for, and have their own personalized view of Handshake.


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Andrea Kelly

I wanted to send a o schools in the Chicago area only! My boutique is in the North Shore of Chicago! I thought all the questions were answered and I was approved! What else do you need?

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