How to Remove a School From Your Favorites

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If you no longer wish to see information about a school on your Handshake page, you can remove the school from your view without removing the school's approval. This will only affect your personal user account. 

Permission to recruit at each school is maintained at a company-to-school level. This means:

  • If you add a school to your Favorites list that your company is already approved at, you'll automatically be able to recruit there. 
  • If you add a school your company has never requested to recruit at before, an approval request will go out to that school. You will need to wait until you are approved by the school to recruit there. 
  • If your company has already been declined at a school, you will not be able to recruit there unless the school changes your status to approved. 

To remove a school from your Favorite Schools list, follow the steps below:

  • Click on Schools, under the "Relationships" category on your left navigation bar

  • Ensure you are on the Favorites tab under School Network Management
  • Click Remove next to each school you want to remove

  • You can remove multiple schools in bulk from your favorites list by simply selecting the checkbox to the left of the school name, then click on Remove Selected in the top right of that area. Check the checkbox at the very top to highlight all schools on that page:

Accidentally removed a school? Learn how to add it back.

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