Posting an Interview Schedule on Behalf of an Employer

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Once an employer has posted a job, you may want to create an on-campus interview schedule.

This article will walk you through the steps of creating an interview at a school in Handshake.

  1. Click Interviews on the left navigation bar
  2. Click the Create Interview Schedule button in the upper right corner
  3. Fill out the basics section of the form
    1. Employer: The employer you are creating the schedule for. 
    2. Career Center: Learn more here
    3. Description: Describe the interview. Provide any information students might use to prepare for the interview including the format, the number of interviewers that will be present, etc. If you’ll administer a skills test or if you’d like the student to bring work samples to the interview, share that information here.
    4. Contacts: The interviewers from your company who will be present for the interviews. Note: You’re welcome to include staff members at your company who do not have a Handshake profile.
    5. Daily Room Cost: The amount you are charging for this particular schedule.
    6. Exclude from room conflict management? Is this schedule taking place in a room you don't have counted in your room conflict management in the school settings? If so check this box to make sure it doesn't impact the number of rooms you have available for employers. 
  4. Click Timeline from the steps at the bottom of the screen
  5. Select the date you are interested in interviewing on campus, you will then be asked how many rooms you would like to reserve on that day
    1. Note: The school may have a limit set on the number of rooms you can request, they may also limit which dates are available for interviews. If you have any questions about availability you can reach out to the career center on the comments section on their school page. Request an interview sched 3.png
  6. If the school you’re working with hasn’t provided an interview Timeline template, create one yourself by clicking the Enter Dates Directly button in the Timeline section.   Use one or more of the following options to create a timeline of how students can sign up for interview slots.
    1. Room only: In this period of time, you’ll have the room reserved from the school, but you will not be using Handshake to sign students up for specific interview slots.  
    2. Open: During an “Open” period, any student who meets the specified job or interview qualifications is allowed to reserve an interview slot (without manual approval).
    3. Preselect Continuous: During a Preselect Continuous period, students who meet the specified qualifications must also be manually approved (by your company) before being allowed to take slots. There is no differentiation between “Primary” and “Alternate” candidates and all qualified candidates have access to the interview schedule at the same time.
    4. Preselect: During a Preselect period, you will define an application period and separate interview signup periods for Primary and Alternate candidates. After the application period has ended, you will select Primary and Alternate candidates from the students who applied. Candidates you designate as “Primary” are allowed to sign up any time after the primary signup start and candidates you designate as “Alternate” are allowed to sign up any time after the alternate signup date.  This helps ensure that your most promising candidates are able to find an acceptable interview slot
  7. Select the time slots you would like to interview students in. These are time slots that are accepted at the university you are interviewing at.
  8. Once you have selected your interview date, interview timeline and interview slot template you can move to the next step which is Jobs
  9. Choose the job you would like to attach to this interview schedule
    1. Create a New Job: Use this option to create a new job and new details, requirements and qualifications.
    2. Copy Job Details: Copy job details from an existing job. This will create a new job posting and will not import any job applicants.
    3. Use Existing Job: Use this option to attach an existing job and its current applicants to the interview schedule. 
  10. If you are not ready to post a position you can click Remind me Later, this option will send you an email four days before the Apply Start Date reminding you to post a position and attach it to the schedule
  11. When you are ready to move on select Review from the bottom tabs
  12. Review your interview dates and details and go back to any steps you would like to editRequest an interview sched 4.png
  13. Select Request
  14. Your interview schedule will now be sent to the university you selected in the Basics section. Depending on the permissions you have at the school, the interview will be automatically approved or it will go into a pending status at the university. You will be notified when your schedule has been approved or declined. To learn more about the roles a school can assign, read What are the list of permissions a school can assign? 


If you would like to review how this looks from the employer side, you can reference this article -How to post an interview schedule to a school. 



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