How do I contact, email, or message applicants to my job?

Ben Christensen -

To contact, email, or message applicants to your job, first visit the Applications page located on the left hand navigation bar. 

Next, choose the job you'd like to view applicants for. You can do this by clicking on Job Applied For in the filters section and selecting the job:


You can individually select checkboxes next to the candidates you'd like to contact. Once you have done this, you will have the option to Message Applicants, Download Applicant Packages or Download Applicants Data to CSV. (There is also an option to Download Applicant Data into a Zip file in the More Actions section) 

Note: New or existing employers with a Trust Score of N/A or lower than 80 will not have the ability to directly message students in-app. This is to ensure that students are contacted by trusted employers via Handshake. Read more on this here

You also have the option to not select any check boxes to just download all of the applicants.

Click download to download applicants.

You can now open your downloaded spreadsheet to copy the applicant contact information and email them. 

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