How can I upload data to Handshake?

Ross Nordeen -


There are two methods for uploading data to Handshake

  1. Using the online Handshake "Importer" tool
  2. Using an AWS S3 bucket that Handshake gives you access to for uploads


Handshake Importer

We typically recommend using the importer for all but regular scheduled updates to your student information.  See more information here on how to use.  If you dont have access, please ask your account manager.  



Data Transfer w/s3

There are many ways of interacting with s3 to upload data on a regular basis, AWS s3 is very flexible and there are many clients, tools, and services written to interact with it's many features.  


In order of popularity, here are the methods we see for uploading data to AWS S3:

  1. AWS Cli - A simple python based client for uploading data (easiest to use)
  2. S3 Bash - A simple upload cli based using only local unix tools such as curl / openssl for upload (easiest to install)
  3. REST API - The underlying API for AWS S3 (most flexible)


Some AWS gotchas

  • If your file looks like it's uploading to AWS but NOT to the importer, then check what chars you are using
    • The following character sets are generally safe for use in key names: Alphanumeric characters: 0-9 a-z A-Z Special characters: ! - _ . * ' ( )
    • See here for more information
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