How to Import Attendees to Created Event or Fair

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UPDATE: Please note that now you will need the CareerFairSession ID instead of the CareerFair ID. The CareerFair ID is no longer valid.

Please see below for instructions. 

In order to upload a list of attendees, you'll need:

  • Event ID or Career Fair Session ID
    • Event ID can be found at the end of the event URL 

    • CareerFairSession ID can be found by going to the Career Fair and selecting to View Registered Students: 

    • Then select which session the attendees need to be associated to.
      Note: You will need to select a session even if the Career Fair has only one Session.

    • Then use the session ID provided in the URL:

  • Student email address
    • Must exist within Handshake


Format file using the following format:

Header Required Notes
student_email_address Yes The email address of the student to be checked in
registered Yes



checked_in Yes



identifiable_type Yes

Must be one of: Event or CareerFairSession (no space between words)


identifiable_id Yes Contains the Event or Career Fair Session ID (found in URL)
identifier See notes

This is the import_identifier from your Events import - ONLY if your historical events were imported. 

This is not typically used in attendees uploads so include the header but leave the field blank.

  • Notes:
    • The identifiable_type is dependent on it being an Event or CareerFairSession (found in URL - "events" or "career_fair_sessions")
    • identifier will need to be included in the file, but please do not put anything in this field
    • If you do not include registered or checked_in, the attendee record will default to FALSE for both of these. The attendees file supports bulk uploads of students who have registered or checked in. We do not currently support bulk inviting through the Importer.
  • Example of how a formatted file looks:


When your file is ready for import:

  • Upload directly to the Importer App
  • Select file type "Attendees"
  • Once the file has been successfully analyzed, with no errors, click "Submit and Request Run". Someone from Handshake Support will reach out to you once the file has started processing.


If you do not have access to Handshake's Importer App:

Please reach out to your Account Manager for more information. 



For Consortia: A school can only check in students that are from their university or (if public) students from other universities that preregistered.


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