How to Import Labels

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If you have Importer Access:

    • Format file (see below)
    • Upload to importer, selecting file-type "Labels"
    • Once the analysis completes, click "Submit and Request Run"

If you do not have Importer Access

    • Format file (see below)
    • Submit the formatted file here with a request to run it

Example File:


.CSV Formatting:

Fields in BOLD are the headers and ITALIC are predefined values; They are case sensitive and must match exactly

  • identifier
    • This is the student or contact's email address
      • This cannot be the username (unless the username is the email address)
    • If the account (email address) is not in Handshake, the label will fail to be applied
    • If uploading Employers, this is the Employer ID
  • identifiable_type
    • User
    • Contact
    • Employer
  • user_type
    • Students
    • Mentors
    • Career Services
    • Blank if you are uploading Contacts, Employers
  • name
    • This is the name of the label you want to use
    • Only one label per row is allowed


Optional Fields:

  • label_type
    • normal
      • Default
      • This is a private/institution-only label
    • public


Note: This is for NORMAL labels. For system labels, please reference the student syncs section.

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