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Compiled By Mark Pfeifer – Marketing, Communications and Web Specialist

University of Idaho Career Services – Aug. 2016

Screenshot (above) of the resource section in student preview.

First of all it is an honor to be recognized for our efforts in updating our resource section. My team and I are very excited about its potential.


Intentions and Helpful Tips:


  • We want Handshake to be a main hub for just about everything career related!
  • Don’t leave this section blank or underutilized! Populate it with helpful materials or links to offsite resources! You might surprise your audience with something they didn’t know was available.
  • I recommend using a checklist of items so you can keep track of your resources created. This way you don’t accidently forget or duplicate one.
  • Think of your audience – what kinds of things are they looking for?
  • Ask your advising team for input. They are the ones that get essential feedback from students.
  • While our website is packed with great resources but Handshake’s fun tiles creates a different navigation experience. It really depends on the user’s personal preference. You can even tie your audience back into your website resources.
  • Did you know you can make custom resources?! These are resources that are only viewable/available to your selection like certain majors or colleges. Natural resource majors don’t need to see a resource that is meant for a business major.
  • Add in your campus resources too! For instance, they may need to reference their college’s website or important academic dates for the semester. In addition - branding wise – it appears that it is more tied into your college or university.
  • Keep it short if possible. If it is not an article- it should just be a brief description.
  • Include some pictures in the actual resource itself to make it more visually appealing. No one wants to see only text. Break it up a bit if you can.


Concept and Construction:


  • The tiles are square so it must be a 1:1 ratio jpeg. The dimensions I upload for the pictures are 600 x 600 pixels.
  • Have some fun with the tiles! Implement different colors, typefaces and pictures as they relate to particular resources.
  • I personally recommend using Adobe Photoshop. You can create fun effects like opacity treatments and more.
  • Think of your wording and placement on the tile! Something short and sweet that also pops!
  • Mix them up a bit in the order. Your audience get bored scrolling through a long page of just one topic.
  • Incorporate some images from your campus or events. It is a way to tie in your university brand and customize the system a bit.
  • Upon completion of your tile – upload it and see how it looks in the student preview. Think to yourself – is this something I would click on? Kind of put yourself in a student’s shoes.



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