Employer Staff Roles and Permissions

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The staff section of the company settings will display all of your staff and the roles that they have in Handshake. 

  1. Go to Edit on the company profile page
  2. Click Staff Management on the left side of the screen
  3. From this page you can manage your existing staff members and add new career services staff by selecting the far right hashes by their name and then selecting Edit.

The actions that can be performed with each additional role that is added to staff members account within a company profile are listed below:

Applications: The “Applications” role grants permission to do all actions off of the “Applications” tab, including signing up students for interviews, accepting them for interviews, extending job offers, and downloading resumes.

Career Fairs: The “Career Fairs” role grants access to all the features of the “Career Fairs” tab. It allows users to register for Career Fairs, as well as pay invoices for attendance. 

Events: The “Events” role allows school staff members to post, approve, delete, and edit events. All school staff users can view attendee lists for events and open check-in kiosks. Only users with the “Mass Emails” role can send mass emails to event attendees.

Interview Schedules: The “Interview Schedules” role allows school staff members to use the features of the “Interview Schedules” tab. This includes creating, editing, and approving interviews. They can also assign students to interviews and put both students and recruiters into interview time slots.

Jobs: The “Jobs” role allows school staff members to use the features of the “Jobs” tab. This includes the ability to approve, decline, edit, and post jobs. Edits to a job only affect the version of the job posted at your school. Employers retain control over the original job, which can be posted to many schools.

Manage Employer Page: This allows for users to edit information on the company profile, such as description, logo, industry, social media, and other information that provides additional information and legitimacy to the company profile.

Manage Labels: The "Manage Labels" role allows company staff members to create new labels for applicants.

Manage Staff: The "Manage Staff" role allows users to change the roles of other staff members within the company and which permissions have been granted. 

Posts: The “Posts” role allows staff members to post statuses for their school.

Request Access to Schools: This permission allows for the user to request approval for the company to post jobs, events, and attend career fairs with a new university that the company is not already connected to. 

View Student Profile Photos: This will allow for a student's profile photo to appear, and by turning off this permission, a student's information will only show on the profile, and their picture will be removed.

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    Seems like there are more role options in the system than listed here - things like "view as student" and "view shared notes". It would be good to have the full comprehensive list of roles so we know what they do!  Thanks - Amanda


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