Employer Staff Roles and Permissions

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The Staff Management section of the company settings will display all of your staff members connected to the company profile and the roles that they have in Handshake. To view the Staff Management page: 

  1. Click on your name in the right hand corner of the screen 
  2. Click Company Settings on the left side of the screen

     3. Click on Staff Management towards the left of the screen 


  4. From this page you can view your existing staff members and click on their name to view their       Handshake profile. You can click on the Account tab on their profile to adjust that user's roles. Make sure to click on Update User to save any changes made. 

The actions that can be performed with each additional role that is added to staff members account within a company profile are listed below:

  • Applications: Users can view applications for any job posted by their company
  • Career Fairs: Users can register for career fairs
  • Events: Users can request and manage events (like information sessions, workshops, etc.)
  • Interview Schedule: Users can request and manage on-campus interviews
  • Jobs: Users can post and edit jobs
  • Manage labels: Users can create and add labels to items (like jobs, students, applications, etc.) to better manage their process
  • Request Access to Schools: Users can request to connect with schools in order to recruit their students
  • Manage Employer Page: Users can edit their company's profile page. This also enables the user to add attachments to job postings. 
  • Manage Staff: Users can approve and edit permissions of other members of their company. This also enables users to create and manage contacts. 
  • View Student Profile Photos: Users can see students' profile photos if they've chosen to make them public to employers



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