About Student Appointment Notifications

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The notifications and reminders that a student receives are important to helping them to attend appointments they have scheduled. Students can edit how they are notified of updates on an appointment or event in their Notification Preferences in the User Settings area of their profile. 

Shown below are the default notification settings for students in this area:


Email Notifications and Reminders:

If a student requests an appointment with Career Services on Handshake, and this appointment is approved, the student will receive an initial notification of this approval. However, if the Career Services office schedules an appointment from the admin account on behalf of a student, the initial notification is bypassed. 

Assuming that a student has these reminder notifications set on their profile, they will receive a reminder 24 hours and 1 hour before an appointment or event. And if the appointment or event is confirmed within the 24 hour frame, the reminder email will be immediately sent to the student. 



If students are consistently not receiving reminder notifications for appointments, check the university's Appointment Preferences to ensure that Appointments Enabled is checked. If not checked, students will not receive any notifications in regards to appointments








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