FAQs About the First Destination Survey

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If you are thinking about using the First Destination Tool in Handshake please review these common questions. 

  • Is FDS an additional cost to my Handshake contract?
    • No, Handshake’s First Destination Tool is included in your Handshake contract.


  • Is it NACE compliant?
    • Yes, Handshake’s First Destination is NACE and NUBS compliant and offers a one click NACE download for easy reporting of results. The only thing you need to enter on the NACE one click download is the Total Number Graduated (since we don’t know if you sent the survey to your entire graduating class) and # No Info (Since again, we don’t know how many students you didn’t send the survey to)
    • Attached Example Report


  • Can users submit multiple responses to the First destination survey? How does reporting work for that?
    • Yes, users can submit multiple responses to Handshake’s First Destination Survey. We only count a student’s most recent response in reporting but you can always access the previous response by searching for the student.


  • Can I import legacy outcome data into Handshake?
    •  We can import data from many sources, but we will want to take a look at the format of your data and make sure it will match what is in Handshake. Here is a link to the fields that we accept for importing.


  • Can I submit responses as a career service staff member for a student?
    • Yes, you can enter a response for a student and mark it as a Response Answer or a Knowledge Answer


  • How many schools use the First Destination tool currently?
    • 15 schools in the Handshake network used the First Destination Tool in the Spring of 2016.


  • Can we add additional questions that are specific to our university?
    • Yes, you can add a survey to your Handshake First Destination Survey that will be presented to students after the general Handshake questions. This survey can be created in the Survey section of Handshake or you can simply select the 'Create Survey' button under Create New questions. 
  • Can we use skip logic in the additional questions that we add?
    • Yes, you can use skip logic based on Handshake’s first question what are you primarily doing after graduation. In the additional questions themselves you can use skip logic for each question you would like.


  • Can we report based on college?
    • Yes, we offer advanced reporting on a variety of student filters.


  • How do I increase the response rate of my First Destination Survey?
    • Since the survey will be located in Handshake which many of your students have already connected to, you may see higher results than normal. Other universities use other techniques like asking students to enter their responses when they pick up their cap and gowns or offering gift cards (Amazon) when a student fills out the survey. Watch this video to learn more! 


  • How do you identify which students get the card? / How do you add students to FDS?
    • You can add students to the FDS directly in Handshake from the manage students section. You can also email the students you have added to your first destination survey director from the Student Tracking section.
    • Graduation date
    • School year


  • When they see what other students are doing, how does that impact their decisions?
    • In the research done here at Handshake we found that this was motivating for students and they continued to fill out the survey to get more information about how their first destination related to their peers.


  • How do you indicate that you are looking for students that are still looking to continue education?
    • You can search for students that have submitted a certain response type in the student tracking section and reach out to them directly with an email or a request that they submit their most recent work experience.


  • Can you delete a first destination survey?
    • Yes, career services staff can delete first destination surveys. It is unlikely that you would need to delete a first destination survey unless it is a test. You should always use extreme caution when deleting a first destination survey. 
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