How to Add and Edit Terms

Tawnya -

This article will walk through the steps you can take to set up and edit Terms (to be used across Handshake, but also specifically in Experiences) with this process:


Add terms

1. Navigate to your School Settings:

2. Under School Settings, scroll to the bottom, and select the "Terms" tab:


3. Here it will show an overview of those added (if any). 

4. Select the "Add Term" button 

5. Here you can add that title, and mark the term as "active" or not

(Note: if you mark the term as inactive, it will still be available to you from the Career Services view, it just won't be available for students to select from the request form)

6. Select the "Create Term" button:


Edit Terms

If you need to edit any term for some reason, just navigate to the "Terms" tab again:

Select ​ the "Edit" button:

And then adjust the details as necessary:

You will then be able to use this term on the Experience request form:

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