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What Happens If I Misspelled My Email When Signing Up?



  • Niayah Lias

    My email address was misspelled so my account needs to be deleted.

  • Zoë Fluger

    Hi Niayah, 

    Thanks for reaching out! Please click on Submit a request above this comments section to send our Support Team a request to help you delete this misspelled account. Please include the misspelled email so we can easily locate your account and remove this for you. Thanks! 

  • Ghazal Patel

    The email i signed up with is; However, it is supposed to be! Is there a way to change it without deleting the account?


  • Zoë Fluger

    Hi Ghazal! 

    An account would need to be confirmed before we could do an email change. However, because the email is spelled wrong, there is not a way to confirm your email. This is why the account would need to be deleted and you would need to re-register using your correctly spelled account. Please reach out to Support by clicking on Submit a Request above so we can assist you with this. Thanks! 

  • Clay Varner

    What if you used your personal email but need to change it to a school email?

  • Ovianne Sampson

    My school recently changed there email address format. From mercymavericks. Edu to can someone help me correct my email address.

  • John Kesler

    My account was someone else’s account? I think I share the same email with a previous alumni who’s name was John Kesler who was a mathematics major in Muir. I’m Joe Kesler, a bio major in ERC. I’m really confused.


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