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This article walks through the Document Review feature in Handshake, and highlights a few of the pros and cons to enabling this feature.

What is Document Review in Handshake?

Handshake offers a built-in option that allows Career Services to manage student documents. Turning on document review will prevent student applications from being submitted until their documents have been approved by Career Services staff.

Brief overview of the process:

  1. Student uploads a document to their profile
  2. The document is sent to a queue to be reviewed by Career Services
  3. Career Services have the options to: Approve, Approve all and future, Decline, Comment, Message, and Download
  4. Students can apply to a job posting with a Pending document, however, their application will drop off if their documents are not approved by the posting expiration date
    • Note: As a result, we recommend that your office is able to review documents within at least 2 business days
    • If the student's documents are not approved by the expiration date, they will receive a notification informing them why:


“Hi [student},

The documents attached to your application for {Job Posting} were not approved by your career center before the application deadline, so your application was withdrawn.

Please reach out to {school email} if you have any questions.”



Here is an example of the queue from the Career Services perspective:Screen_Shot_2018-03-19_at_8.40.04_AM.png


Here is an example of the message that will be sent to a student when they apply with a pending document (still needs approval from your team):



Here is an example of the email that is sent when that pending resume was not approved before the position expired:



Should I turn this feature on?

Document Review is toggled off by default for all schools. If you do have the bandwidth to approve all student documents, you will need to inform your University Partnerships Manager, who will review these requests on a case-by-case basis. However, we do ask that you consider the following items before you decide to turn it on:


  • Determine if have enough staff members who will be tasked with reviewing resumes as they come through. We recommend at most a 2 business day turnaround, as long waiting periods can create bottlenecks for students that prevent them from applying to jobs.
  • The resume review tool will prevent a student from using an unreviewed resume/document on a job posting, but it will not prevent the resume from being posted publicly on the student's profile
  • Although the tool is toggled off by default, we do have full Support dedicated to the tool (for bugs as well as how-to and general support questions). However, we currently do not have any Engineering Development resources fully dedicated to updates or changes to the tool.


I'd rather Document Review be optional instead, are there any other best practices?

Yes! Explore this article that highlights a few different options for non-required document review. Check it out, and consult your University Partnership Manager if you have any questions.

We also encourage you to post in our Handshake Community. This is a place for you and your team to connect with other career centers to share best practices and learn from each other on how to make the most out of Handshake.


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