How to Report on “In Progress” FDS Responses

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If your FDS close date is soon approaching, and notice that a few students have just a few unanswered questions (for example, if they stopped answering at the salary question) you can manually update the response to “submitted.” This way the existing data will be included in the NACE reporting download - we’ll walk through the steps here!


How complete are students' “in progress” results?

You can find this data in the quick download on the Students and Stats page. Filter to your “in progress” students and select the Download button


This spreadsheet will highlight the student FDS responses - explore the different columns and categories to understand how complete any “in progress” response might be.


How can I manually update a student response to “Submitted”?

Navigate to the Students and Stats page on your FDS, choose the individual student whose response you need to update:


And then click the individual student’sresponse by selecting it on this page:


And then you'll want to update the Status field on any individual responses from "In Progress" to  "Submitted"


Note: As long as you're only updating from In-progress to Submitted, you won't have to mark this as a Knowledge Response. However if you do update any information, you'll need to mark it as a Knowledge Response

**Please be aware that this process is for the standard FDS setup. If your school has additional Custom Questions, you will have to submit this status change as a Knowledge Response to bypass the Custom Questions. 

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