What if I signed up for the wrong account type?

Hilary -

If you're a student or alumni, but accidentally registered as a mentor or employer on Handshake-- no worries! You can still sign up for your student/alumni account using the same email address you used to register for the first account. Kindly reach out to us at Support if you wish to delete your extra account that was created by mistake, but rest assured you can keep it if you wish. 

Go here to sign up for your student/alumni account: https://app.joinhandshake.com/register 

To learn more about signing up on Handshake, please check out our guide!


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Makeda Bostic


I am have a student account and need an employer account -I have reached out to the campus career center to change it with no luck - can you help me ? 

 I am extremely behind in my hire date and would like to hire 3 students and complete this process to have the position posted for the 3 day requirement. 

thanks 909 869 3169 


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    Meredith Johnson

    Hello, I have a student account but I want an employer account so I can search for interns and student workers.  Can someone help me with this?

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    Marie Vasi Stillway

    Has anyone gotten responses to these questions? I'm in the same situation, registered as a student but in need of an employer account. 

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    Maggie Tucker

    I tried to sign up for am employer account, but it said I already had a student account. How do I change to the employer status? I am in charge of the hiring of student employees for my Department.

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    Heather Forquer

    I have a student account and need an employer account.  How do I change the status.  I am going to need to hire a mass amount students for my department.

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