Employer Attributes in On-Boarding

Tawnya -


During the on-boarding process, Handshake will now ask you what is important to you in a company. 

This is what the two questions will look like: 


How did you generate this list of attributes? We asked a diverse group of students from several different universities around the country what was important to them in an employer and used their own words to generate this list. We then asked questions around what type of companies exist to further expand on the individual sections. We also did a text analysis of reviews that had been submitted by students about employers to pull out the words most used by students to describe those employers.

Who can see my responses? Employers will be able to search for students based on their responses. They will only be able to search for students who have selected a certain attribute. They will not be able to filter out students who have selected a certain attribute.

Why are the choices capped at five? Without the cap, people selected too many for it to be a helpful criteria. It is like the old saying - if everything is valuable than nothing has value.

Can I change my answer? At this time you cannot change your responses after on-boarding. This will be coming shortly.

Will this information be on my profile? At this time the information will not be visible on the student profile.

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