Labels: Creation, Usage, and Best Practices

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What are labels?

Labels are tags you apply to data you have stored in Handshake to help your classify and organize that data.   

How are labels categorized?

There are three types of labels in Handshake:

  • Normal labels: Only visible to the staff at your school (labels you want to use for tracking and reporting)
  • Public labels: Visible by career services staff and students (labels you want students to view and filter)
  • System labels: Custom fields added to your student data sync (labels or fields that are coming from your SIS)

Who can add labels?

Any career services staff member can view labels and staff members with the Manage Labels permission can add and edit labels. 


What methods can I use to add labels?


Can I use labels to restrict access?

Yes - you can use labels to restrict students from accessing these areas of the platform:

  • Appointments
  • Interviews
  • Experiences

Reference this article to learn more about permission labels


Label Examples:

Refresher: These are specific to your institution - employers cannot see labels on a student profile

Normal label: 

  • "cs staff"
  • "sp18 fair attendee"
  • "local company"
  • "proactive approval"
  • "alumni panel"
  • "honors student"
  • "orientation team lead"
  • "blocked from appointments"


  • "campus partner"
  • "specialty internship program"


  • "certificate program name"
  • "scholarship recipient"

 Post in our Handshake Community to learn how other schools title their labels! 

Best Practices with Labels:

1. Start with a small, intentional list of labels. You can always add more once you're comfortable with the workflow

2. Whiteboard your critical workflows with your team and start with a few key questions:

  • What data do I need to organize?
  • What filters exist in Handshake already - could this replace the need for a label?
  • How will I use labels to support my workflows?
  • Who needs to see this information - or add it?
  • How will I keep my labels organized and up to date?

3. Explore our Handshake Community to learn how other schools use labels to filter and report



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