Importer: How to Re-Upload Failed Rows

Tawnya -

If you processed a job in the Importer and noticed that a few of your rows failed: Use this article as a guide to identify & analyze any failed rows, and then adjust in order for the file to successfully process (and the information to display in Handshake).


 Identify Failed Rows:

1. Once you've ran a file, you will see a status update:

 2. If there are errors, select the View / Download Results button in the top right corner: 

 Specifically this button:


3. Select the Download Failed Rows CSV button to see the records that erred


4. Review this article to understand the common importer error messages - and how to adjust in the file.


Re-upload the File

1.  Once you've updated the incorrect or failed formatting, create a new import job with the basic requirements (file, job type, etc)




2. Save - and request to run! 


Additional Resources:

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