Working with Support Best Practices

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Here are a few reminders and best practices on working with Support to get your questions resolved as quickly and effectively as possible! 

When in our Help Center, you'll be able to initiate a ticket through the "Contact Support" option in the top right of the page, or through the "Get Help" pop-out window in the lower right of your screen: 


1. Select "Career Services or IT" when using our contact form

When contacting Support via our help form, please make sure to select "Career Services or IT" to ensure your question is routed to the relevant team. Otherwise, if you select "Employer" or "Student/Alumni," it will take longer to get a response as we have different response time policies for Career Services and Employers/Students. Even if you're helping an employer or student, please make sure to select "Career Services or IT".


2. Select the best category to represent your question.

If you have a question or are reporting an issue, please select the corresponding question type ("Question or "Report an Issue") on our help form to ensure your submission is routed to the relevant team. 


3. Include as much information as possible: URL if possible, attachments of screenshots, and errors

  • When contacting us, please include as much information as possible to help us resolve your inquiry as quickly as possible.
  • For example, if you have a question or issue regarding a fair, please include the link to your fair when contacting us. If you're working on a report, please include the link to your report. Or if it's a job, interview, email, or survey, please include the link.
  • Additionally, please include the email attached to your account (or the impacted account, if you're submitting on behalf of someone else) in Handshake.
  • Lastly, please attach any screenshots and errors you see to help us troubleshoot further.



4. Review our Fall Readiness Setup Guides in the following areas:

If you're new to Handshake or need a refresher, please utilize our getting started guides below!


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