New Font and Icons! (Fall 2018)

Jordan Pedraza -

As we continue to uplevel the quality of our product, we will be iterating on the visual design of our UI to feel more intuitive, fresh, and credible. Through the 2018-2019 school year, we're going to invest a lot of our design efforts on the student experience. We want them to know that Handshake is a fresh/modern career platform, an alternative to old job boards. We're here to support them and provide them with credible information and recommendations—in short, really echo what career services do for students. This shift in typeface is a first of many important steps towards that effort. After extensive research and we've received feedback that the new font makes Handshake more approachable, readable, and trustworthy. 

Starting Tuesday August 14th 2018, we will rollout the new Font (TT Norms) across the Handshake platform for all Career Services, Students, and Employers. 

And on August 23 2018 we'll be rolling out new icons resulting in a more consistent result across browsers and platforms. This upgrade will provide us with over 3,000 more icons to choose from that have a fresh, refined feel, optimized for all types of displays and resolutions – providing the best possible experience for our network!


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